Our Guests

Dr. Ali Reza Analouei

Grandson of Naser Ali - a renowned Master of Sufism, Ali Reza Analouei was born in Esfahan, Iran. Inspired by his grandfather, Ali perused the concepts of Sufism, Erfaan, and music, and all three became his lifetime quest. At the age of ten he began playing Tombak, earning him a prize from Tehran high school's, and then became a member of the Kakh-e Javanaan (youth club) Ensemble.

While pursuing his Doctorate Degree at Manchester University in England, he continued playing and teaching Tombak. Ali migrated to the United States in 1986, pursued his professional career as a professor at the Georgetown University, while playing and teaching Tombak. Ali has played in many concerts and ensembles, and has appeared in various radio and television shows.

He has always been inspired by works of Iran's late master of Tombak, Jahangeer Malek, and has closely followed Malek's style. Ali is the founder of Sama Ensemble, and member of several others. He currently works for Federal Government of the United States, and with his family resides in Vienna, Virginia. Presently he teaches Tombak and Daf at the Center for Persian Classical Music.

Dr. Naser Khorasani

Was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1971. Naser is a psychologist specializing in music therapy and meditation. He has also mastered playing the most spiritual Persian musical instrument, the Daf, similar to the Azerbaijani Gaval. He has studied under Masood Habibi, one of the most renowned Daf players in the world. Naser directs his own ensemble of percussionists comprised of more than sixty Daf players and has performed in Sufi festivals in many countries, including India, Iran and Konya, Turkey. In addition, Naser has performed in collaboration with some of the most famous ensembles in the world, including Hadis, Masnavi, the Azerbaijan Orchestra of Iranian Azerbaijani musicians in Tehran, and the Dalahoo Ensemble. He currently teaches Daf at the Center for Persian Classical Music in Vienna, Virginia and Directs the Daf division of Sam Ensemble.

Sama Ensemble

The Sama Ensemble was founded by Ali Analouei and formed from students of the Center for Classical Persian Music (CPCM) in 1998. The Ensemble's name is adopted from the ritual 'Sufi dance', and has performed a variety of annual concerts and monthly recitals during the past eight years in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area; including the renowned Kennedy Center of performing Arts, and Corcoran Gallery of arts