1381 Norouz Celebrations at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

"NAVA", the Iranian Young Performers Ensemble lead by Shahriar Saleh is proud to present its third Norouz concert on the Millennium Stage of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

This year's performance will be on Friday March 15th from 6:00-7:00 PM. The program is free to the public. The last two years' turn outs have been large, and its is hoped that even more will participate in this year's celebrations.

This program will be broadcasted live on the internet, and will be archived on the Millennium Stage website for subsequent viewings. The web link to view the program live, or at a later date is:


Please share this web link with all your friends who cannot attend it.

This year's program cosists of three parts:

In the first Part of the Program Shahriar Saleh leads the Young Iranian Players Ensemble, NAVA. The players are as follows:

Biparva, Arasp
Fakhrai, Farbod
Hadavi, Cyrus
Mesbahi, Dr. Azar
Mosleh, Dr. Mohsen
Nazemzadeh, Mina
Saba, Saman
Saberi, Nuwsha
Saboori, Ali Reza
Sarrami, Bahareh
Tabesh, Ata
Tabesh, Sana
Alavi, Tara
Fakhrai, Shaady
Ghaffari, Rasa
Sabzevari, Nina
Saboori, Zahra
Saleh, Arya
Saleh, Aryan
Dr. Ali Reza Analouei

The Ensemble will play:

In the second Part of the Program Dr. Ali Reza Analouei leads the Tombak Ensemble playing a variety of rythems.

The players are:

Analouei, Ali , Jr.
Abrishami, Giti
Bibizadeh, Behnaz
Bibizadeh, Payam
Ferdosi, Saba
Salehi, Mohsen
Tabrizi, Shervin
Zijerdi, Armin
Fakhrara, Nima

In the third Part of the Program Dr. Houshang Hodjati (vocal), Shahriar Saleh (Santur), Nina Sabzevari and Arya Saleh (violin), and Dr. Ali Reza Analouei (Tombak), will perfom pieces in Bayaat-e Esfahaan.

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