2006/1385 Nowruz Performance at the Montgomery College, Maryland

Nava Ensemble, dedicated to performance of Persian Classical music, led by Shahriar Saleh is proud to present its first concert on the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College, Maryland at the invitation of the College's Music Department.

This performance will be held as part of the Montgomery College's 4th Annual World Arts Festival and in celebration of the Persian New Year, Nowruz, on Thursday March 16 from 8:00-9:15 PM at Rockville Campus's Music Recital Hall.

Address and Telephone:
Department of Music
Montgomery College
Rockville Campus
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 279-5209

The program is free to the public.

Nava extends its especial thanks to the Music faculty member, Dawn Avery for her particular interest, enthusiasm, and tireless efforts in making this performance possible.

Additional information regarding the Music program at the Montgomery College can be found at college's Music Department.

Nava is proud to be joined by the following virtuoso players and ensembles in the concert:

Nava Ensemble performers for this concert include:
Hadavi, Cyrus
Roodsari, Sakineh
Tofigh, Ali
Yousofi, Ahmad
Hadavi, Parisa
Saleh, Arya
Saleh, Aryan

The guest Sama Tombak and Daf performers include:
Abrishami, Giti - Daf
Banai, Ali - Tombak
Bastani, Safora - Tombak and Daf
Bibizadeh, Behnaz - Tombak and Daf
Bloom, Steve - Tombak and Daf
Dastvar, Farisa - Daf
Elizabeth, Audrey - Tambourine
Eradat, Hayedeh - Daf
Esmaeili, Hasti - Daf
Hosseini, Mohammad - Tombak and Daf
Hosseini, Neda - Tombak and Daf
Hosseini, Puneh - Tombak and Daf
Salehi, Mohsen - Tombak and Daf
Shariatpanah, Azam - Daf
Shirzadi, Suri - Daf
Zolriyasatein, Nazanin - Daf

The Ensemble program is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Sorud-e Ey Iran, R. Khaleghi
  • Tombak and Daf Ensembles
  • Barun Barun-e, Persian Pop Song, A. Khorram
  • Improvisation, Santur and percussion, Saleh, Khorasani and Analouei
  • Shokoufeh, Persian Pop Song, A. Khorram
  • Improvisation, Santur and percussion, Saleh, Khorasani and Analouei
  • Jaan-e Maryam, Persian Pop Song, M. Vafadar
  • Improvisation, Tar and Violine, Majd and Hamidi

Additional information is available at http://www.navaensemble.com